İngilizce Fıkralar – Going to the sun

Going to the sun

Temel and Idris went to the White House to see Bill Clinton to make an important suggestion. Although the police wanted to block their way, they succeeded in reaching Mr.Clinton. Bill Clinton was bewildered by this commotion and asked:
-“What is the matter?”
Then Temel replied:
-“We have got an idea but we want your support!”
-“What is your idea?”
-“First of all you must agree to give us your support”
-“I do not know anything about your idea. How can I support you?”
-“It is not important. Promise us! Rely on us!”
-“Alright! Say! What is your idea?”
-“We are going to the sun!”
-“We will go to the sun if you give us the necessary money and a spaceship!”
-“It is not possible to go there!”
-“But we have got an idea. We will go there at night!”

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