İngilizce Fıkralar – Goose With One Leg

Goose With One Leg

When Sultan Temur came to Akshehir, the Hodja went to bid him welcome. Of course, he didn’t forget the typical Turkish custom, and brought him a roasted goose.
On the way to Temur, the smell of the goose and his hunger forced him to eat. So he ate one leg of the goose.
When Temur saw it with one leg he became very angry, because he himself walked with a limp and he was called ‘Limping Temur’. He thought that the Hodja was making fun of him.
“Where is the other leg of this goose”, he shouted angrily.
“In our country the geese have only one leg”, replied the Hodja.
“Nonsense”, shouted Temur, Then he saw some geese standing in the sun on one leg. He ordered his men to chase the animals away. The geese began to run on both legs.
“You, lier!” shouted Temur. “They have two legs!”
“No, Sir”, said the Hodja. “If you were chased like that, you could grow an extra two and run on four legs”

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